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Jan Goddard Profile Photo

Jan Goddard Partner

Jan Goddard entered law school with an interest in working with elderly persons and their legal issues, but over 30 years ago the term ‘elder law’ did not even exist.

Full Bio Phone: 416.928.6685 ext. 227

Nimali Gamage profile photo

Nimali Gamage Partner

Nimali has had a long-held interest in issues relating to health, disability and aging.

Full Bio Phone: 416.928.6685 ext. 223

Sandra Monardo Profile Photo

Sandra Monardo Associate

Even before law school, Sandra knew she wanted to be a litigator because she liked to challenge and argue on behalf of others.

Full Bio Phone: 416.928.6685 ext. 246

Jessie Lamont Profile Photo

Jessie Lamont Associate

Jessie’s interest in helping people with the complicated legal problems that can arise at life’s most difficult times predates her legal career.

Full Bio Phone: 416.928.6685 ext. 239

Margaret Burns Profile Photo

Margaret Burns Estates and Trusts Law Clerk

Margaret has over 20 years specializing in the area of wills, and estate administration.

Full Bio Phone: 416.928.6685 ext. 228

Photo of Erin Singer

Erin Singer Litigation Law Clerk

Erin likes helping clients navigate complex situations relating to social assistance, disability and aging.

Full Bio Phone: 416.928.6685 ext. 244

About our Professionals

The founding partner of Goddard Gamage, Jan Goddard, has over 30 years of estates, trusts, and guardianship experience including her years in private practice and as a policy advisor and manager at the Office of The Public Guardian and Trustee. Combined with her training in gerontology, this experience makes Jan a valued leader in Ontario in our field. Partner Nimali Gamage joined Jan Goddard as an associate in 2002 and became partners with Jan in 2012. Nimali has practiced exclusively in the areas of estates, trusts and guardianship law since 2002 and has become a leader in Ontario in the niche area related to Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) benefits. Associate Sandra Monardo joined Goddard Gamage after working as a litigator for 11 years in the areas of estates, commercial, civil, employment and insurance defence matters. Her litigation experience combined with her passion for estates and capacity law makes Sandra a valued member of our team. Our associate, Jessie Lamont, comes to us from a large, multi-national, full-service law firm, having had a pre-existing interest in helping individuals solve complicated legal problems with a sensitive and practical approach.